about us


Piazza Duomo Association was constitued in 1998 thanks to the inhabitans of the Square and gathers all the people who love their own (Italian) historical roots and believe in the valorization of Cultural Goods to defend the Heritage and social activities. We are sure that everybody can become an active and precious part in the use of culture.

Our purpose is to promote culture and traditions which made our territory grow, by looking at them and considering them the archetype of our identity.

We welcome every proposal that intends to take part to the promotion of the social and cultural life,.

Our Association was born apolitical, non-profit, inspired to voluntarism and promoter of Culture. We try to turn the apolitical attitude and heterogeneity of the personal thoughts into wealth as we are sure that moral education, respect for the other ones and the recognition of the supremacy of the idea is an inalienable ethic behaviour. It presents itself with a trademark.

The image of the mark symbolizes the absence of limits in its endless movement, which recalls the ideal town utopia, in whose middle there is the large square, where everybody meet to exalt and celebrate the human positive activities.

The drawing harmony boasts in the central rose, reproduced from the middle-age mosaic decorations, which are in the Cathedral floor, too, to witness the creative and patient inlaid work which has been animating Piazza del Duomo, Spoleto's real emblem, for centuries.