The main value of culture


It is difficult to quantify the value of culture. The main "value of culture" is recognizable in the social capital that mounts up along an historical path and matures an identity of its own. Valorization and promotion of this identity, produced in the course of time, is necessary not to loose one's own social capital in the wider process of globalization, of which we are protagonists. To valorize one's own history to increase one's self-esteem, to produce positive attitudes which put us against other stories, possibly by creating a network which shares the same purposes.

Purposes devoted to the social promotion of the development and of the "conscious, strategic and methodical" valorization of that artistical and cultural heritage which let our local society exist and be important in the centuries, giving us a preminent position towards many other less lucky societies. All the cultural goods, from the museum to the historical building, from music to theatre, from books to historical archives, have a central position in the development of society, were and are still critical instruments of the economical development. Why? Through culture it is possible to realize a social aggregation process and an economical growth one.

Through culture our individualities complete each other, defend themselves and organize their own social background at best. What does culture mean? For those who belong to Piazza Duomo Association culture is not necessarily knowledge in the meaning of taxonomic stockpile of information, neither manneristic exercise of arts, nor pure contemplation of beauty. Culture is mainly an available and accumulative good. Culture means message, exchange of ideas and views, respect of differences, Ethic and Politics, historical memory and critical research, scientific attitude and creativity.

2002 - © Rita Correnti